There are very few pieces of equipment that you absolutely need to start driving with Uber. The essentials, a car and a smartphone, you likely already had before you applied to Uber. Beyond the essentials, one piece of equipment that you will definitely want to have is a dashboard mount for your phone. You’re going to need something that securely holds your phone within plain sight so that you can focus on driving and quickly respond to ride requests when necessary. I went through a few different mounts before I found one that worked for me. My initial mount used a magnet to secure my phone to the dashboard. When I first started driving I quickly realized that I needed a mount, and this was a cheap solution that seemed to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the magnet wasn’t strong enough and my phone kept falling off at crucial times. After ditching this mount, I found a universal car phone mount that clipped into my air vent.


Uber cell phone mount


It looked a bit odd at first, but after having issues with suction cups and magnets I decided to give it a try, and it has worked great ever since. Aside from the gear, many people would recommend having bottled waters available in the car for your passengers. I have experimented with this, at one point I even packed gatorades for riders. What I found is that most riders are not all that interested in bottled water. As far as delivering the highest quality service as an Uber driver, focus on the essentials. Maintain your car, keep it clean, and brush up on your city knowledge. If you can get your passengers from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner you will get the best results, and you will see those results in a solid driver rating. If you’re looking into gear and haven’t signed up to drive with Uber yet, check out our Uber sign up bonus for new drivers.

Gear You Need to Drive for Uber
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