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Juno is a new rideshare company looking to shake things up. They recently launched a beta program in New York City and it had a ton of success. Although they’ve yet to expand outside of New York, you can register early on their website.


Juno is different from Lyft and Uber because they are extremely driver friendly. If you’re considering driving with Juno you can use my promo code to sign up, it’s 1607-455. You can also click on the link below to sign up for juno with my promotion code already applied on the application.


Juno Referral Code

Reasons to Drive for Juno

Commission Structure

Juno only takes a 10.5% commission on each ride. That’s significantly lower than other rideshare companies, which charge upwards of 20% on each ride. This commission rate is guaranteed for the first two years (period ends 03/31/2018).

Equity in Juno

When you drive with Juno you are treated as a partner in the company. A total of 50% of founding shares in Juno are reserved for drivers.

Driver Support

Juno offers 24 hour customer support via phone. You can give them a call yourself at 1-855-JUNO-USA.

How does Juno Compare to Uber and Lyft

Juno aims to take advantage of an opportunity in the rideshare industry. There are a lot of rideshare drivers that feel they are mistreated by Uber and Lyft.

The competitive nature of the industry has led to various rate cuts in what appears to be a race to the bottom. Both Uber and Lyft pull a large commission percentage from each ride that a driver makes.

Juno plans to shake this up with in a few ways:

  • Guaranteed low 10.5% commission cuts for first 24 months (less than half the commission of Lyft and Uber)
  • Equity in the business (50% of shares are reserved for drivers)
  • No surge pricing
  • Drivers supplied with a phone
  • No carpool service
  • Only accepting the best drivers (Uber/Lyft drivers with 4.7 rating or better)

As a rideshare driver, these features are all incredibly appealing. It’s definitely enough incentive to encourage me to apply for Juno and wait it out until they make it to Seattle.

Juno Expansion | When Will Juno be in my City?

Juno is currently operating in beta mode. Their ground zero test zone is New York, where they’ve been incredibly successful. They’ve already recruited thousands of drivers.

The referral incentives appear to be working.

Not only that, the service is reported to be more affordable than Lyft or Uber.

All of this success in New York is positive, and it gives Juno momentum. It appears that Juno plans to use this momentum to launch a seed round of fundraising, seeking $30 million. The cash injection could propel Juno to more cities.

We expect Juno to continue to target large markets. They haven’t given any word as to specific locations they plan to reach next. Potential target markets include:

  • New Jersey
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Seattle

We will continue to update the list with up to date expansion plans from Juno.

How to Refer Juno Drivers

Juno is offering promotions to new drivers that benefit both the new driver and the referring driver. New drivers will be able to take advantage of a few awesome features like:

  • Guaranteed low commission taken – 10.5% for first 24 months
  • Equity in the company
  • Superior driver support

This is very appealing to new drivers. There are also rewards for the referring driver. They receive .5% commission from the new driver for the first 24 months.

To refer drivers, simply sign up to drive for Juno yourself. You will be given a Juno promo code and a personalized link to refer drivers with.



Juno Referral Code
  • Juno Referral Code
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