Lyft is still offering huge sign up bonuses for new drivers who apply with a promotion code. They have been doing so for many months now, and we keep asking ourselves the same question, when is this going to end? Not only has it not ended, but the current new driver promo is as high as it’s ever been in Boston, where you get a $1000 sign up bonus after giving 50 rides. Orignially, you needed to give 100 rides in Boston to qualify for the bonus, but that number has been slashed in half. Use our driver promo code for a Lyft sign up bonus. Lyft’s biggest rival, Uber, has also continued to give out hefty bonuses to new drivers with a promo code. As the incentives continue, there has never been a better time to sign up to drive with Lyft and Uber. Consider driving as a part time driver, as Lyft offers a lot of flexibility to their drivers. This allows you to make some extra cash and gives you the ability to choose the most lucrative times to drive.


If you are a Lyft driver, this means that you should be actively inviting your friends to drive. Huge referral rewards are an incentive to spend more time spreading the word. Another important fact about these rewards: Lyft does not take the 20% cut on these payments.  Personally, I spend more time referring friends than actually driving. It takes a while to find a referral strategy that works for you, but when you hit your stride it can really pay off. A lot of new startups in Silicon Valley have taken a similar approach to growing their customer base, making this a great time to participate in affiliate programs.

Lyft Offering Large Sign Up Bonuses
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