Apply the referral code NEWDRIVERPROMO on the Lyft application for a sign up bonus in your city! This is our exclusive driver referral code, valid for anyone signing up to drive for Lyft!

Searching for a Lyft driver promo code?

You came to the right place! Our exclusive Lyft driver code works for anyone signing up to drive for Lyft, and you will get the latest sign up bonus (currently varies by city). With this referral code you are eligible for a current signup bonus in your city, check the Lyft Website for current amounts. You can enter the promo code yourself when you fill out the application, it’s “NEWDRIVERPROMO”.

Lyft Driver Bonus Code

* With this promo code you are eligible for a Lyft sign up bonus equal to the amount posted for your corresponding city on the list below. Fill out the initial page of the Lyft application (with this link the promo code will automatically be applied to the referral code box shown below). The next screen in the application will display the sign up bonus you will unlock after you complete the required number of rides. This promo code qualifies you for the  referral bonus in your city!

lyft driver promo code

Current Lyft Referral Bonus Amounts

Bonuses are received after required number of rides is completed within designated time period, amounts vary by city. Lyft recently decided to adjust it’s referral bonus amount based on demand in each city. Generally, spring bonuses are above average. Making it a great time to take advantage of the new driver bonus. Here is a full list of cities that Lyft operates in.


This Lyft driver promotion code is current and up to date, so that you can get out on the road and start driving.  Lyft offers promotions on a limited time basis, and new driver sign-on bonuses vary by region. Above is a list of cities and the current referral bonus amount offered as of September 2018.

Lyft Driver Requirements


Your car must be a 4 door vehicle that is 2004 or newer (vehicle age requirements vary by state, some states require vehicles as new as 2007). Your vehicle must also be in good condition, it will have to pass a 19-point vehicle inspection.


You must be at least 21 years old to drive for Lyft. This age requirement helps Lyft recruit only experienced drivers.

Driving Experience

You need at least one year of driving experience. Lyft wants experienced, safe drivers on the road. Generally, the more years of driving experience the better. As long as you meet the minimum requirement of one year you are qualified to drive.


You need a copy of your in-state insurance policy. Once you start driving for Lyft, you will be covered by their insurance policy as well. Their are some gaps in the Lyft insurance policy, so you’ll want to have good personal coverage.


You need in-state license plates on your vehicle and a copy of the vehicle registration. You also need to have an in-state drivers license.  Both of these items are required to prove in-state residency.

Clean Record

You need a clean driving record and a clean criminal history. You’ll have to be able to pass a background check. The amount of time it takes for a background check to clear can vary. Usually this process only takes a few days.

Smart Phone

You must supply your own smart phone to drive for Lyft. You’ll need an iPhone 4 or newer (IOS 7+) or an Android device running 4.0+. We recommend using a phone mount as well, but this is not required.

Mentor Session

You’ll need to pass a mentor session. Usually this means taking a drive with your mentor (a veteran Lyft driver). While this is still a requirement, cities with high demands don’t always have enough mentors to go around. In some cases new drivers are not asked to complete a drive with their mentor.

Reasons to drive for Lyft


When you drive for Lyft, you get to choose your own hours. You can drive as much or as little as you want. This makes driving for Lyft advantageous for anyone looking for part time work.

As a side hustle, you can start making money to save for anything from your next vacation to a down payment on a house. The extra income can help in many ways.

Be Your Own Boss

The ability to choose your own yours and not have to take orders from a supervisor is a huge perk. Just make sure you know all of the quirks that come with independent contractor life.

You will have to put a little more effort into paying taxes at year end and you’ll be expected to get a business license after a set time.

Signing Bonus

Lyft offers generous signing bonuses in many markets. This used to be a perk reserved for sports stars and the elite. Now you can boost your income with your own signing bonus.

Friendly Community

The Lyft community is known for its friendliness. You’ll find yourself looking forward to breaking out of the cubicle and having a genuine conversation with a passenger while you provide a service that makes their day.

Power Driver Bonus

Lyft offers various incentives such as the power driver bonus and hourly guarantees to encourage drivers to get out on the road. If you take advantage of the power driver bonus you can take home 10 to 20% more of each paycheck.

Lyft Training and Resources

About the Sign Up Bonus for Lyft

Lyft is constantly updating the bonus amounts for new drivers that apply with a referral code. The above list is updated regularly to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy, but we can never be as accurate as the Lyft website.

The cities that generally offer the highest sign up bonuses are:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle

Other cities with very lucrative incentives to apply include: Washington DC, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Boston, and Portland . If these amounts change, we will update the list with the most recent amounts ASAP.

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