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Click below to go to the Uber application. We recommend however, signing up for Lyft before driving with Uber. Lyft is known for its driver friendly community, and it’s also a great place to learn the basics of ridesharing. Maintaining a high driver rating can be difficult, and Uber is known to be a difficult platform to keep high ratings on.

Lyft on the other hand encourages passengers to make life easier on their drivers, making it a great place to put your rideshare training wheels on.  For me it was a great place to get my start as a rideshare driver without the constant worry of deactivation. Lyft also has all sorts of incentives to reward their drivers, including power driver bonuses that let you take home more of your paycheck! Apply to Lyft today with our Lyft driver promo code!

Uber Sign Up

* Before you sign up to drive check out some of the tools that will make your job much easier. One of the best tools for rideshare drivers is QuickBooks Self Employed. Use our link and get 50% off your subscription! As an Uber driver you are designated as an independent contractor, meaning that you must account for all of your own taxes. Expenses, deductibles and earnings add up, QuickBooks Self Employed is the easiest way to manage all of these expenses without keeping track of the individual hard copy receipts.

We recommend getting a dashboard cell phone mount and a cell phone car charger for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. These two accessories will go a long ways to make your job easier and your passengers happier!

Uber driver promo


Are you a new driver? Check out our post on applying for Uber and familiarize yourself with the process before you sign up. Also refer to our Driving Tips page for information on how to succeed as a rideshare driver. Also consider driving for Lyft and unlock a Lyft Sign up Bonus with our new driver promo code.

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