Uber App Changes

During the recent Change Program, Uber managed to make tremendous changes to the Uber app for drivers.
The rating system went through some change. As it stands now, the rider has room to explain further in case of giving a low rating, therefor giving drivers context on why they have been rated poor. When it comes to Uber Pool, if the low rating is mainly due to the other riders and not directly because of the driver, the rider can provide further information. The app also features pre-loaded descriptions so that riders understand what each star stands for.

As a safety precaution, drivers will now be put on mandatory breaks for six hours if they have been driving for twelve hours straight through the app, in which case it automatically shuts the drivers out for the said period. These driving restrictions have been put in place to curtail drowsy driving, effectively cutting down on the chances of accidents as a result of driver fatigue. A research by U.S. Department of Transportation revealed an astonishing 83000 accidents were due to drowsy driving between 2005 and 2009.

The new destination feature allows the driver to key in home/ work address and pick up passengers on their route plan. In addition, the Lyft app provides recommendations and suggestions in regards to where to pick up high earning trips based on the drivers’ historical data.
On average an Uber driver returns 11 lost items annually, a big concern to the drivers, as it was hectic to return the lost items to their owners. Now, the onset of the delivery fee has sweetened the trip. A passenger will now be required to pay $15 for return of a lost item.
The new changes also include an in-app tipping option, the riders now have the option of tipping the driver through the app as they leave their review and ratings of the driver, the driver is also at liberty to accept or decline the tip offered.

Lyft App Changes
Lyft also underwent changes that focused mainly on alerts and ratings. The Lyft app initially had a five-minute cancellation window; this has been reduced to two minutes. The drivers pay is inclusive of the waiting period. The reduction in time enables the driver to pick up any other available trips that could have previously been passed over due to the set cancellation window of five minutes.

Now, through the Lyft app, drivers enjoy Long trip notifications, if a trip is scheduled to take longer than 45 minutes, the drivers get a notification before accepting the trip. Ideally, longer trips pay more, but a driver may not feel comfortable taking them. Declining long trips on the flip side affect the drivers’ overall acceptance rating.

The Lyft app now provides improved earnings reports, drivers now enjoy accurate net earnings report. The app provides a full breakdown of the drivers’ earnings, such as passenger payments, third-party fees, and Lyft charge. The earnings tap on the app does not affect the drivers pay, income is still based on rides taken, the figures posted need no further adjustments, what is posted is what the driver takes home.

Both apps have greatly improved and are offering better experiences for the drivers. The 24/7 phone support for drivers has gone a long way in ensuring the drivers gets the help they require when they require it. Making driving convenient for them as well as the passengers

Updates For Uber/Lyft Apps That Affect Drivers
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